Five most underutilized Show-Rite Products

By: Mari Palacio

February 2019

As feeders of show-stock, we are constantly striving to improve our animals — and, in many instances, it’s the little things that can make a big difference. I’ve listed five products below that are commonly overlooked yet are affordable and highly effective.

  1. Seco-Sorb: As a moisture-absorbing product, Seco-Sorb is usually positioned in a farrowing, kidding, lambing or calving situation to help rapidly dry babies off and keep the environment dry and free of bacteria, mold or fungus. You may be thinking, “But isn’t this important throughout the entire duration of the animal’s life?” Absolutely! A dry environment is crucial to safeguarding the general health of your animal, reducing sickness and instances of fungus, and maintaining skin and hair quality. To ensure a dry environment for your stock, simply sprinkle Seco-Sorb underneath the bedding and/or on the flooring to soak up any moisture from scours, urination or water.


  1. Stamina: Many feeders overlook Stamina as a liquid fat source because we market it as a fortified wheat germ oil with vitamins A, D and E. These extra vitamins and valuable nutrients are preserved from the raw wheat germ using a unique cold process — unlike in many other fat sources, which lose those nutrients during processing. The preservation of these beneficial elements makes Stamina especially effective at adding extra finish and cover and at enhancing the quality of the animal’s skin and hair. I would advise that you use Stamina to add extra energy to the diet during these cold winter months, as this will keep your project — regardless of species — bloomy and fresh in its look, even during a harsh winter.


  1. Accent: Too often, we find ourselves playing catch-up with our projects; they come down with a cough or go off feed and, before we know it, we are losing precious time focusing on treating them when we should be gaining. Whatever the situation, perhaps it could have been avoided with an improved environment or a boosted immune system. Protect your investment by adding Accent to your animal’s diet from the start, as Accent can support your animal’s immune system and keep its gut healthy and working efficiently. Every feed program and animal would benefit from Accent being included in the ration!


  1. Relaxlyx: Every time your project experiences stress, its body is distracted from doing its job of gaining and, instead, focuses on panicking. You can help reduce those negative effects by providing your cattle or goat projects with Relaxlyx stress-reducing lick tub. This nutrient-dense supplement — fortified with elevated levels of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, organic trace minerals and Tasco seaweed meal — is sure to help make your animal’s stress level much more manageable.


  1. Milk Replacer: Because of its name, many people mistakenly think this product is a one-trick pony with only one purpose: supplementing baby pigs. However, Show-Rite specialists love to recommend this product as a fat supplement for pigs. Plus, it’s a great tool to help stimulate appetite when hogs turn their nose to the feed pan.