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Show-Rite Accent combines a number of Alltech ingredients into one high-profile, immunity-building product. Formulated specifically for sheep, goats, beef cattle and swine, Accent offers the ability to enhance daily health in an all-natural form without any drug restrictions.



Crude Protein, min                                   Calcium                                     Phosphorus, min                         Salt                                            Potassium, min.

25.0%                                                            2.2 – 2.7%                                  1.0%                                               0.1 – 0.6%                                 2.5%


Crude Fat, min                                         Vitamin A, min                          Vitamin D, min                           Vitamin E, min                       Lysine, min

5.0%                                                            70,000 IU/lb.                            10,000 IU/lb.                               500 IU/lb.                               2.3%


Crude Fiber, max                                   Acid Detergent Fiber, max         Selinium, min                              Zinc, min

10.0%                                                         12.0%                                            6.0 ppm                                         1,350 ppm



Refer to the product tag for a complete list of ingredients.



Top dress or mix Show-Rite Accent at the rates below into the grain ration of animals being fitted for exhibition.

For sheep, goats and swine: feed at the rate of 4 to 8 ounces per head per day.
For cattle: feed at the rate of 1 pound per head per day.

Always supply a source of fresh, clean water.

WARNING: This product has been formulated specifically for sheep, goats, beef cattle and swine and is not intended for other species.


Product Number
#51920 Show-Rite Accent, 25lb. pail

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