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  1. Exhibitors must be members in good standing of a sanctioned 4-H or FFA club.
  2. Show must be sanctioned by 4-H, FFA or a junior livestock association. No open, jackpot or prospect shows are eligible.
  3. Animals must have been fed one of the above Show-Rite® branded feeds listed for the preceding 90 days before the show. Utilizing a supplement without the use of a Show-Rite complete feed does not qualify. Exhibitor acknowledges that the feeds were fed at labeled rates.
  4. The Spotlite Rewards application form must be submitted by Dec. 31 of the current show year. Any submissions after Dec. 31 will not qualify and will not be accepted.
  5. Program winners are allowed only ONE Spotlite Reward during each calendar year. Awards are to be shipped at our discretion (we will do our best to ship in a timely manner).
  6. Applicants must include an acceptable color photograph, preferably a backdrop photo, that Show-Rite may use at its discretion.
  7. Only market or breeding wins are eligible for the program. Showmanship or rate of gain does not qualify.
  8. Exhibitor must agree that Show-Rite will be the sole and exclusive feed supplier with the right to use the submitted winning information for a period of up to one calendar year.
  9. A show that does not appear to be eligible may be questioned and further reviewed by the Show-Rite team to determine eligibility.
  10. Show-Rite retains the right to determine exhibitor/livestock eligibility and rule interpretation for the Spotlite Rewards program. All decisions made shall be considered final.
  11. Show-Rite reserves the right at any time to amend, cancel, modify, revise and/or change the terms and conditions of the Spotlite Rewards program, all without prior notice.

*Proof of purchase may be required*


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