Want the right rib and the look? Get Rite Fiber.

By: Dennis Wilber, Show-Rite National Support Specialist

December 2021

“The look” is everything when trying to grab a banner on the tanbark at cattle shows today. We hear judges talk about this look on the mic all the time. The look involves a cleaner made animal with less condition, more spring and depth of rib, while maintaining structural soundness and structural integrity. It’s a challenge for an animal to combine all these traits into one package, and that’s what makes “the look” so highly sought after. So how can you enhance “the look” of your heifer or steer? Rite Fiber. There’s many options out there when it comes to rib and fill products for cattle. But none that have proven itself in the feed pan or in the show ring like Rite Fiber has. Let’s look at some differences our product offers, versus its competition.

Rite Fiber versus the competition

  • Rite Fiber was designed specifically to enhance the show ring look in cattle by providing a high fiber, high quality diet that maximizes fill. It’s made a name and reputation for itself when it comes to breeding cattle specifically. Versus many of the competitor products were designed as a commercial feed designed to aid in average daily gain. The product was then simply brought over into the show world.
  • Rite Fiber and competitor products may read similar on the feed tag, but nutrient analysis doesn’t tell the whole story. It is what comprises those nutrients that counts. For example, what ingredients create such a high fiber number? Nutrients within Rite Fiber have the desired effect on show ring presence without the negative effects, such as extra fat deposition. Corn cob is the guaranteed source in Rite Fiber. The Rite Fiber formulas do not include ingredients that have a negative effect on showring presence. Versus some fiber sources in the competitor products have a negative effect on showring presence because they weren’t designed for this. They were designed to cater to the commercial world and assist in gains, so they come with additional energy, adding unwanted condition in the wrong places. Ask yourself, what are the fiber sources in your ration and are they locked formulas?
  • Rite Fiber contains no NPN (non-protein nitrogen) to work against the idea of enhanced show ring look. Versus many competitor products do contain NPN, which works against retention time, fill, and body capacity. Isn’t that completely against our goal here?
  • Rite Fiber utilizes Alltech’s Total Replacement Technology, which means that all inorganic minerals are replaced with 100% organic and chelated trace minerals. These increase mineral bioavailability to your animals. A question for the competitors, does your product supply 100% organic and chelated trace minerals?

Rite Fiber is fully fortified so it can be fed as the sole, or majority, of the ration, or you can top dress it and mix with your base ration. Typically, users are feeding around 4-6lbs of Rite Fiber per head per day, but this can vary based on the animal’s size and need. Want to take it a step further and utilize a complete base feed that’s built with Rite Fiber inside? Try Show-Rite HF. This texturized feed is a high fiber option that has the Rite Fiber product, already in the bag.

Now that we’ve clarified all of that, here’s a question for you.  Are you feeding a high fiber pelleted product to your show cattle for maximized phenotype, popular look, and building your cattle for longevity within the herd? Or is your goal to maximize average daily gain and performance?

The choice is yours, but we strongly believe that Rite Fiber is the superior choice for giving your cattle the winning edge, the right rib and achieving “the look”.