Stay on the move with Rite Flex

By: Mari Morris, National Support Specialist

July 2022

Regardless of species, structural challenges and injuries can quickly derail your project. There are various potential nightmare scenarios with disastrous consequences that livestock feeders and projects can face, such as:

  1. Tightness: Skeletal tightness can be seen when an animal in motion takes a shorter stride, begins to roach in their top, becomes more down-headed and tightens in their spine. This can happen for multiple reasons, so ask yourself the following questions:
    • Is their protein too high?
    • Did they hurt themselves in their pen or during recent transportation?
    • Have they always moved like this?
  2. Popping joints: Typically seen when the animal does not have enough flex in their higher joints, so they compensate in their lower pasterns, which can severely exacerbate as we push livestock to be heavier in a short amount of time. The issue will worsen without proper joint lubrication support, causing cartilage damage and inflammation in other joints.
  3. Stress on growth plates: When we push livestock to perform at a higher level like we do show stock, we are asking for trouble. This puts heavy stress and pressure on the animal’s growth plates, joints and cartilage, commonly resulting in inflammation. Sometimes you cannot see this inflammation until it is beyond repair. So, if you are pushing an animal, implement a joint supplement as insurance and to mitigate swelling and inflammation.
  4. Swelling: Not much need to be said about swelling. We have all seen the quick damage it can do to an animal.
  5. Lameness: This could be caused by anything from an injury to inflammation unseen to the naked eye, degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis or poor hoof quality, and the list goes on. Without addressing or preventing the problem, things will only get worse.
  6. Longevity: Whether we are talking breeding stock or lasting 45 minutes in the show ring to get the slap, we are asking animals to perform with more stamina these days than ever before. If they do not have the structural ability and comfort to perform, you will end up further down the placing line or culling that replacement gilt.
  7. General stress: If an animal is in pain and uncomfortable, you can bet that they will act out. Because of their “stressed” behavior, we sometimes deem these projects as “problem animals” and blame their minds when, in reality, they are not the problem at all.

Formulated with chelated trace minerals, high-quality vitamins, the highest levels of chondroitin compared to competitors, glucosamine, essential oils, turmeric, organic selenium and so much more, Rite Flex is equipped to assist you and your livestock project with any structural challenges that come your way. For best results or as a preventative measure, feed Rite Flex from start to finish of your project. However, it can also be utilized on an as-needed basis. To avoid your animal experiencing career-ending structural challenges, order Rite Flex here. Stay on the move with Rite Flex!