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Show-Rite® Advancer 360 is a pelleted feed that provides leading-edge nutritional technology to competitive show goats all day, every day. Advancer 360 brings your goats:

  • 100% organic trace minerals, that are better utilized by the animal supporting the immune response, reproductive function and overall health.
  • A blend of essential oils that boost feed intake and promotes only the beneficial microflora, encouraging top feed efficiency, higher average daily gain, and stronger immunity and performance.
  • Enzymes that encourage a thriving rumen and even optimize gene expression, reinforcing key metabolic pathways associated with growth and muscle development.

Options for a Monensin and Deccox version are available on a plant-by-plant basis.


Refer to the product information sheets below for a complete nutrient analysis.



Refer to the product tag for a complete list of ingredients.

Product Number
#77133 – Show-Rite Advancer 360 MON20, 50-lb bag

#80207 – Show-Rite Advancer 360 D13.6, 50-lb bag

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