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Show Rite 17.5% Ground is a ground or meal feed designed to be fed throughout the show season. It incorporates the optimal lysine level for muscle development and appropriate level of fat for condition. Built with multiple gut health products to aid in digestion and immunity building throughout the pig’s life stages.



Crude Protein, min 17.5%
Lysine, min 0.9%
Crude Fat, min 6.0%
Crude Fiber, max 3.0%
Calcium 0.5 – 1.0%
Salt 0.3 – 0.8%
Phosphorus, min 0.5%
Zinc, min 100 ppm
Selenium, min 0.3 ppm
Chromium, min 0.3 ppm
*Phytase, min 136 FYT/lb.
**Phytase, min 27.0 SPU/lb.


*One unit of phytase activity (FTU) is defined as the quantity of enzyme which liberates 1 micromol of inorganic phosphorus per minute. Environmental factors such as feed pH, moisture, and processing methods such as pelleting or extrusion, may affect enzyme activity.
**One Solid State Fermentation Phytase unit (SPU) is defined as the amount of enzyme that will liberate 1 mmol of inorganic phosphate per minute under the conditions of the assay.



Refer to the product tag for a complete list of ingredients.



Feed Show-Rite 17.5% Ground as a sole ration to swine. Always supply a fresh source of water.

WARNING: This product, which contains added copper, should not be fed to sheep or related species that have a low tolerance to copper.
This product has been formulated specifically for swine and is not intended for other species.


Product Number
#70189 Show-Rite 17.5 G 50-lb. Bag 

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