New Show-Rite Goat Feeds Boost Nutrition for Peak Success

April 2024

Show-Rite has been an industry leader in creating competitive show goat feeds for years. This launch offers our customers more leading-edge nutrition to keep their show goats competitive all day, every day.

Show-Rite® Advancer 360 is the next generation in the Advancer line. 360 contains all the previous technologies found in the Advancer family of feeds, but now, every bite of this pelleted feed also supplies enzymes, essential oils and organic trace minerals to provide unsurpassed nutrition to your show goat investment.

You may ask, “How will these upgrades in nutrition affect the feeding performance of my goat?”

This 100% Bioplex® organic trace mineral package is designed to enhance feed intake, add more hair growth with a soft, healthy shine to the hair and a firmer, hydrated hide, establish solid bone growth, and provide a strong line of defense against diseases. In short, the absorptive capacity of these organic trace minerals will support the digestive, reproductive and immune system functions of your goat.

Next, the carefully selected blend of essential oils in Advancer 360 will boost feed intake and promote only beneficial microflora, encouraging top feed efficiency, higher average daily gain, and stronger immune response.

Finally, the addition of enzymes will encourage a thriving rumen, improve the type of starch and protein utilization that optimizes gene expression, and reinforce key metabolic pathways associated with growth and muscle development.

In summary, we can expect goats fed Show-Rite® Advancer 360 to have higher feed intake and better feed efficiency, resulting in a denser body shape and more muscle expression.

The Show-Rite team also realized recently that in the show goat feed space, we needed a texturized product. Hence the development of NewCo Goat. Texturized feeders will like the look, smell and of this feed when they open the bag. It’s packed with Alltech technologies that will enable your goats to achieve their full genetic potential.

NewCo Goat is highly palatable and can be fed from birth to the last day of a show goat’s career. Kids will acclimate to this feed quickly, and producers will see compensatory gains on goats that are playing “catch-up” with weight and body condition. NewCo Goat contains multiple solutions to support gut health by maximizing gastrointestinal integrity and stability. Furthermore, carefully sourced proteins and amino acids provide a concentrated, natural source of highly digestible and functional nutrients to support the early stages of life and maximize lifetime performance, including immune function.

A goat on NewCo Goat for just 30–45 days will provide the producer with a dramatic before and after picture. Feeding NewCo Goat will encourage greater muscle development, provide an ideal handle and create denser body mass, all while maintaining enough fat cover to create that perfect, extra-smooth finish so valued in show goats. Feed it with confidence!

If you have questions about the new complete goat feeds, please visit or contact a Show-Rite representative.