Introducing Exhale: Our latest Multi-species supplement

By: Jason Lackey, Supplement Specialist

March 2019

In the livestock show industry, our animals often encounter challenges associated with stamina or respiration and, consequently, aren’t able to perform to the best of their abilities. But now, Show-Rite is introducing Exhale, an exciting new product designed to minimize the occurrence of respiratory restrictions and increase stamina. Exhale is changing the respiratory game by helping open the oxygen pathways of our livestock, allowing them to breathe more freely, maintain peak stamina and, ultimately, reach their maximum potential. Because we believe this product truly can enhance the abilities of your animal and positively affect your experience as an exhibitor, our team is extremely enthusiastic about bringing Exhale to the market. Exhale has proven its ability to increase the airflow, stamina and recovery periods of livestock projects. Take it to the next level with Exhale!

When to use Exhale

  • When your project is sick: Illness is a prevalent issue for junior livestock projects. Livestock will fight sickness periodically throughout their feeding phase, and instances of illness increase steadily when animals are comingled. Although Exhale will not eliminate illness, it has been shown to aid animals in times of stress. Help your animals recover from challenges by utilizing Exhale in tandem with your chosen form of treatment to help them breathe more freely.
  • When exercising: It’s commonly said that “shows aren’t won on show day; they’re won at home” — meaning you must do your homework and put in the time at home to be successful at the show. One way to help ensure this success is by implementing a consistent exercise program for your animals — and just like avid gym-goers take pre-workout supplements for an extra boost, your animals will get a boost from Exhale. Providing Exhale before your animal’s workout routine will help them give their best effort and maximize results. Additionally, if they seem worn out or exhausted after working out, giving an additional dose Exhale can also help them recover more quickly.
  • Before showing: You’ve put in plenty of time and effort at home, and now it’s time to showcase your hard work. We all know that an animal who can drive and perform for an extended period will always have the competitive edge over animals who tire and begin to break down. Exhale will help your project by giving it the stamina needed to drive longer and harder, pushing you to the top of the class every time. If you want to take it to the next level, provide Exhale before you go in the ring.

How to use Exhale

On the back of your livestock’s tongue, apply 2 milliliters of Exhale per 100 pounds of body weight. Exhale can be administered up to twice per day during shows, or for general respiratory support throughout the growing phase. Replace the cap after each use to keep the product fresh.

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