EXHALE lets livestock breathe easier

By: Jason Lackey

January 2020

Show-Rite® Exhale is one of the more unique products to hit the market in some time. This liquid paste is used to enhance longevity in animals that sometimes struggle to maintain the endurance that seems to come naturally to others. Although we have found Exhale to be a remarkable help for all species and their ability to breathe and have more longevity in the ring, this product is also being utilized in other ways, offering you some unique opportunities. The production and breeding side of the show ring is where it all begins, and, as we all know, it can sometimes be challenging. Fortunately, there are several specific situations in which Exhale has proven itself to be very valuable.

Exhale is being used in numerous boar studs across the country because of how worked up boars get during their collection period. One dose of Exhale after their service, however, will allow them to recover more quickly — which, inevitably, will help with the long-term viability of the boar. Although there’s no specific or official data available yet, many boar stud owners have told us that they’ve seen a spike in semen count and quality because of the shorter recovery period after collection.

Do you have a cow, ewe, sow or doe that’s laboring hard during birth? Help her catch her breath by giving her a dose of Exhale. By providing Exhale and opening her airways, you’ll allow more oxygen to spread throughout her body. These increased oxygen levels will help her feel less strained or tired, which, in the end, will allow her to work harder and do her job.

With babies (in the nursery, lambing jugs, etc.)
Exhale is a must-have tool for the farm during farrowing, kidding, calving or lambing. There are many circumstances in which this product can be used to boost your animals’ health. For instance, any time your animals are battling sickness, try giving them a dose of Exhale two or three times per week; this will help open their airways, allowing them to breathe and recover more quickly.

“In the early stages, when we are grouping or purchasing pigs, we use it along with any meds we are giving,” said Show-Rite specialist Ryan Sites. “Simply put 2 cc in the mouth every third day until the cough or sickness is gone.” Is your bedded area for babies (i.e., nurseries, jugs, barns) dusty and stuffy from trying to keep the warm air in during the cold winter months? Provide Exhale three times per week to the babies in this environment and help them develop to the best of their abilities. By clearing their airways with Exhale, you’re helping them avoid becoming stuffed up and/or developing respiratory issues.

These recommendations and examples work for all species across the board! Exhale can be used on all calves, kids, lambs or piglets who are feeling under the weather. As you have likely gathered, Exhale is meant for more than just the show ring. This product is one of the more unique tools on the market, and we are certainly excited to offer it to help support the success of exhibitors and breeders across the country. For more information, contact a Show-Rite representative.