All About Our New Complete Pig Feeds

By: Doug Albright, National Support Specialist

February 2023

It’s an exciting time for Team Show-Rite, as we have decided to totally redesign our complete feeds program for show pig exhibitors. Our new fiber-focused feeds are designed for the modern feeder, rather than the feeders of the past. Years ago, feeding pigs used to be a transition from high protein in the grower phase to low protein in the finisher phase. However, things have changed, as parents and feeders have learned to feed their pigs based on what the pig needs phenotypically versus how much the pig weighs. With this shift in the industry, it only made sense for us to pivot to our 10.0 series and, of course, our dynamic Prep 21 product.

The 10.0 series is formulated with our famous 10.0A2 premix, which is loaded with Alltech solutions that will truly help your show pig reach its full genetic potential. Along with those Alltech solutions, the prebiotics, probiotics and premium fiber sources included in these diets make these feeds extremely gut-friendly — and in today’s show-pig market, keeping a project on feed can be as challenging as anything. The three feeds included in the 10.0 series — 1910, 1610 and 1310 — all provide the same base but offer different levels of protein, lysine, fat and fiber, which makes adapting the feed for different kinds of pigs at different maturity levels extremely easy. This line of feeds truly allows the individual behind the feed bucket to stay in control through every step.

The 1910 and 1610 options in the 10.0 series are formulated with the same levels of fat and protein, but it’s their protein and lysine levels that make them truly different. 1910 works in a few different ways. Not only does 1910 serve as a great transition feed after getting your projects home and transitioning them off of starter feeds, but it can also be utilized through other phases of maturity. With 19% protein and 1.15% lysine, it’s a great option for adding more shape and dimension to lighter-muscled pigs that can handle the extra growth to their skeleton. 1910 is also great to mix with Prep 21 when more shape is desired.

1610, on the other hand, is one of the most versatile feeds on the market thanks to its moderate protein level and 1.0% lysine. Feed it to moderately muscled hogs that need to maintain their shape or to extreme-shaped hogs who need to start to tone down — or even mix it with our other feeds to target your unique needs. Mixing 1610 with Prep 21 is a great option if you desire more bulk and mass overall. You can also mix it with 1310 to give an extreme kind a little extra growth and muscle, if desired. The opportunities provided by 1610 are endless.

Finally, of all three 10.0 feeds, 1310 stands out the most. It has the highest fat and fiber levels of each of these feeds, as well as 13% protein and 0.8% lysine. This feed is truly designed for the modern show pig. In the past, breeders have been able to put more and more muscle on their animals, with all the extra bone and feature they desire, but it can be challenging to feed them without their skeletons getting out of hand. Many feeders turn to sow feeds because of their lower protein and lysine levels. This is why 1310 is so important: It slows their growth and skeleton development down, much like a sow feed — but unlike a sow feed, it includes the nutritional factors necessary to keep their gut health, skin and hair in check. This feed will slow your projects’ development without sacrificing their nutrition and freshness.

Prep 21 is perhaps one of my favorite products ever released by Show-Rite. Like the other feeds mentioned above, it’s extremely adaptable and dynamic. As a feed with a multitude of uses, you’ll always want to keep Prep 21 around. Start off by using Prep 21 after the pig starter to get babies prepped for sale day by maintaining a fresh look and muscle “pop” while also encouraging some bulk and body depth. I also like to mix Prep 21 with any of the 10.0 series because it will add extra bulk and shape when desired, especially when preparing to head out to a jackpot. When you’re in the final push to get your project bulked up and ready to roll for your target show, Prep 21 is the best feed to have in your arsenal.

In conclusion, this may be the most excited our team has been about a feed line in a long time. Not only are we excited to use it ourselves, but we are looking forward to helping our customers improve their projects and better understand the nutrition they need. I am extremely confident about where these feeds can take exhibitors.

If you have questions about our series of complete pig feeds, please visit or contact a Show-Rite representative.