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*Champion Sections

National Shows (National Western, NAILE, American Royal, AZ National, World Pork Expo)


Major Shows (Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Star of Texas, OYE, San Angelo)


State Shows (State Fairs Only)


Regional Shows (Ak-sar-ben, Ark-Ok)


Breed Shows (NJSA, Team Pure-Bred, National Hereford, etc)


District Shows (District Junior Shows)


County (Designated County Shows)


SpotLite Rewards Program

Hubbard Feeds Inc. ("Hubbard") and its Show‐Rite® Show Feeds are proud to present the Show‐Rite SpotLite Rewards Program. Focusing on youth involvement in 4‐H, FFA, or Junior Breed Associations is just one way that Hubbard focuses on the future. Awareness of the work and dedicatioon that it takes to exhibit livestock in a highly competitive manner is what makes Hubbard strive to offer performance, programs, and products to suit your needs in every way.

Qualifying ShowRite Products

Show Cattle Feeds
#18967 Cruiser Cattle Grower
#18968 Accelerator Cattle Developer
#18969 Throttled Up
#32TN Show-Rite Nutribase*
#32TC Show-Rite Nurtibate w/ Bovatec*
32403 Show‐Rite Nutribase Plus*
33651 Show‐Rite Nutribase Plus B200*

*Hubbard Feeds Beef Technical Team Approved Rations


Show Lamb Feeds
#650P 17% Show Sheep (pellets)
#41562 Advanced Lamb


Show Pig Feeds
#5B5T Team 18
#5B72 Show Pig 40‐90
#5048 Show Pig 10.0
#5B9A Show Pig EZ‐Tone
#37155 18 XXX
#5B5A Show Pig 17.5% Finisher


Show Goat Feeds
#62G1 Glen Martin "Advancer"
#62G2 Glen Martin "Grand Drive"
#26457 Glen Martin "Climatizer" D6.8
#22433 Duncan Grower Ration
#29148 Duncan Fat‐N‐Sassy
#29729 Duncan Fifty

Rules & Eligibility

  1. The SpotLite Rewards Program shall run from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014.
  2. Qualified exhibitors must be a member in good standing of a sanctioned 4-H or FFA club.
  3. Only exhibitors showing animals as part of a sanctioned 4-H, FFA, or Junior Livestock Association show are eligible.
  4. Only animals that have been fed Hubbard’s Show-Rite branded feeds products listed as the sole ration for the previous 90 days before the show are eligible (see back side for qualifying products).  Exhibitor acknowledges that the feeds were fed at labeled rates.
  5. The SpotLite Rewards Application Form must be submitted within 30 days of winning the event or by December 31, 2014, whichever occurs first.  In any event, all SpotLite Rewards forms must be submitted to Hubbard on or before December 31, 2014.  Any submissions after that date will not qualify for the SpotLite Rewards and will not be accepted.
  6. Program winners are allowed only one (1) SpotLite Reward during each calendar year to be shipped at the conclusion of said calendar year.
  7. In order to receive a SpotLite Reward, applicants must include an acceptable color photograph that Hubbard may use at its discretion after the photograph is received.
  8. Exhibitor acknowledges and agrees that Hubbard is the sole and exclusive feed supplier to use the Exhibitor’s winning information for a period of up to and including one calendar year.
  9. Hubbard retains the sole and exclusive right to determine exhibitor/livestock eligibility and rule interpretation for the SpotLite Rewards program.  All decisions made by Hubbard shall be considered final.
  10. Hubbard, at its sole option, reserves the right at any time and from time to time, to amend, cancel, modify, revise and/or change the terms and conditions of the SpotLite program, all without prior notice.

Eligible Shows & SpotLite Rewards

Eligibility is based on a minimum of 10 head in the show and associated with a youth or junior show division.  Open shows, Jackpot, and Prospect shows DO NOT qualify.  Check with your Hubbard sales representative for any questions associated with show eligibility. 


National Shows (National Western, NAILE, American Royal, AZ National, World Pork Expo)

Major Shows (Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Star of Texas, OYE, San Angelo)

State Shows (State Fairs only)

Regional Show (Ak-sar-ben, Ark-Ok)
• Overall Grand Champion - Show-Rite
   Black Sport Jacket

• Overall Reserve Grand Champion - Show-
   Rite Black Sport Jacket

• Division & Breed Champion- Show-Rite
   Wind Jacket

• Division & Breed Reserve Champion-
  Show-Rite Wind Jacket


Breed Shows (NJSA, Team Pure-Bred, Nat Hereford, Etc…)

District Shows (District Junior Shows)

• Grand Champion- Show-Rite Wind Jacket

• Reserve Champion- Show-Rite Wind Jacket


County (Designated County Shows)

• Grand Champion - 2 Show-Rite Caps

• Reserve Champion - 1 Show-Rite Cap



2014 Hogs Major Shows Back to Albums

Photo 1 of
Reserve Champion Yorkshire 2014 San Antonio Livestock Show Shown by Jodi Toler
Photo 2 of
Grand Champion Landrace Gilt 2014 San Antonio Open Show Reserve Grand Champion Landrace Gilt 2014 San Antonio Jr. Livestock Show Shown by Jake Toler
Photo 3 of
Congratulations to Show-Rite Customer TYLER KELLY, Bullard FFA and the entire LHR Livestock Crew on exhibiting the 2014 San Antonio RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION BARROW. Great Job to everyone involved!!! www.showrite.com
Photo 4 of
Congratulations to Show-Rite Customer HANNAH LLOYD, Bullard FFA. on exhibiting the 2014 San Antonio RES. CHAMPION CHESTER Barrow. Thanks and Congrats to everyone involved! www.showrite.com
Photo 5 of
Reserve Breed Champion, Class 1 Winner 2014 Oklahoma Youth Expo Shown by Jacob Sevier
Photo 6 of
Reserve Grand Commercial Gilt Overall 2014 Oklahoma Youth Expo Shown by Noah Irwin
Photo 7 of
Grand Champion Spot Barrow 2014 Oklahoma Youth Expo Shown by Emily Wilkinson
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